This motto is what Tony Visca and Fern Colavecchia are all about.

It’s the kind of belief that becomes a part of your everyday vocabulary when you grow up working in hospitality. Tony and Fern did just that, by helping in the kitchen and waiting tables at restaurants in their humble early beginnings. This dynamic duo met in the 90's at a Niagara hotel and restaurant where their friendship began.


Their successful business partnership started in 2001 with the purchase of Quiznos Sub franchises in the Niagara region. In 2003, they opened their first full service franchise restaurant; Montana’s Cookhouse. By 2005, they decided to create their own brand by opening Johnny Rocco’s Italian Grill which included menu items incorporating some of their own family dishes. Soon after, they added a second location, and Johnny Rocco’s has quickly become a household name as it has become the most trendy eating destinations in the Niagara area.


Since the beginning of their journey, they have created an

ever-evolving and growing lineup of unique concepts in the Niagara region. Today, the 43 North Restaurant Group boasts a total of 4 restaurants, a popular and sought after special events venue as well as several pizza/food wagon trucks, and employs a dedicated team of over 400 employees. Whether it’s an ingredient, a word or even an interesting new acquaintance, Tony and Fern turn all that inspiration into concepts that tell a story. 


Today, they continue to share their knowledge, ideas and love of great food with their team. If not in their office brainstorming a new idea, you will probably find them working in one of their restaurants or in the test kitchen trying out new menu items (yes, they approve everything that goes on the menus!). It’s this dedication and passion that has helped Tony and Fern make the 43 North Restaurant Group the creative culinary community it is today.

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